About Companions the launch of a new ethical menswear brand

Exciting times for Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder-Plassmann, founders and CEOs of FRISUR, as they today launch their new menswear Brand About Companions! And exciting times for myself as well as I can finally share my thoughts on their debut collection! But before we dive into their Spring Summer 2021 collection let’s take a step back and first introduce About Companions.

The history of About Companions

Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder-Plassmann aren’t strangers to building up a brand, as they have been responsible for growing their FRISUR brand into a worldwide selling company for long-lasting, well-designed men- and womenswear.

Driven by their passion for menswear but also their insights into the demands for a truly sustainable menswear line, Thies and Stephan decided to bring more emphasis and focus to the menswear line of FRISUR, and launch About Companions.

A menswear line focussed on designing casual classic wardrobe pieces with a strong focus on the right price, quality, and longevity of the pieces. A true focus on ensuring less is more and enables you to invest in the right pieces to last you a lifetime.

What sets About Companions apart?

So what you might say? There are more brands that claim to be sustainable or use eco-friendly fabrics. And yes, that might be true, but the sad truth is that the menswear market is flooded by brands that greenwash what they do. So what does About Companions do to set themselves apart? You can sum it up on three key pillars

  1. Long-lasting pieces: They source only the finest eco-friendly fabrics to design and manufacture a collection to outlast seasonal trends. But also supply you with a repair voucher for each garment to make it last beyond any wear and tear.
  2. Ethical: They have teamed up with manufacturers that they have known for over a decade. This way they ensure on the one hand quality but also are aware of the working conditions. Next to that they only use factories within the EU.
  3. Low impact: Sourcing only Eco-friendly fabrics (think Tencel, Organic Cotton, Linen, but also EcoVero viscose) to minimize their carbon footprint combined with working with only EU partners ensure a low C02-emission.

And to ensure you know what you are wearing the ethical and sustainable aspects of your wardrobe pieces are transparently shared with you through a label that comes with your piece.

A closer look at the Spring-Summer collection
As mentioned, I was lucky enough to get an up-close look at the About Companions debut collection. Kicking off with a collection consisting out of 55 ethical pieces covering shirting, tops, knitwear, jackets, trousers, it’s almost impossible to do the full collection justice, but I gave it my best shot!

Garwin jumper

First up is the jumper called Garwin. Rocking a loose and boxy fit, this jumper is made from organic Portuguese cotton rib. Although a bit hard to see in the photo, the jumper has some really cool details due to the bold hem and sleeves. A perfect piece for the springtime if you ask me (and even now with the colder days)

Ken waffle Oxford

Next up is Ken, ah waffle woven Oxford. A very comfy and classy piece that could be worn both casually and smart in my opinion.

Asir Overshirt

No collection is complete with a good overshirt and that is what ASIR is. Just look at the details of this overshirt. You can get it in Navy and Sand but I’m a particular fan of the Sand tone! It’s such a versatile piece which is great to combine with the next piece

Ken linnen Oxford

Ken is back! But this time in a lovely Navy striped linen version. The fibers used are fully traceable ensuring you not only look good in this oxford but also are ensured you know you have done your little bit to better the world.

And besides ASIR, KEN also goes well with the OLF trousers as you can see in this photo. Now if this isn’t a spring outfit then what is?

Simon Clay shirt

Now, this is one of my personal favorite About Companions combinations! The Simon shirt in clay, made of exceptional organic cotton, combined with the JOSTHA Tencel trousers in olive. Man do I love how these tones combine together. And the Tencel trousers are just insanely good. The quality of the fabric is top-notch and very comfy and classy at the same time.

OWE Overshirt

And that brings me to the final piece I tried, which is OWE. A very cool designed overshirt in the same lovely Tencel fabric as the JOSTHA trousers. Which both of them combined make a killer of a summer suit if you ask me!

So what can I say, FRISUR has been known for making exceptional wardrobe pieces for men and women. But with their decision to create a specific label focussed on men, I believe they have filled in a gap within the menswear market that was there, a brand that is truly sustainable from the core in everything that they do, combined with a design ethos that ensures, that whatever you pick up from About Companions it will last you a long time.

Be sure to follow the journey of About Companions on Instagram @aboutcompanions or their site www.aboutcompanions.com

Cheers K!

All photo’s courtesy of @Koiztra and Ina Niehoff