How to keep your sneakers crisp and clean

I guess it isn’t a secret that the majority of my shoes are sneakers and whatever the weather is I wear them 99% of the time. Next to that I have an addiction to white sneakers… That means I definitely need to clean them on the regular to keep them in good condition. Truth be told that is more of an ambition that reality But for those wondering how to keep your kicks clean this is my quick cleaning routine!

What do you need

You will need the Jason Markk cleaning kit, a bowl of water, a new pair of white laces and white shoe cream!

Step 1 – Unlace those bad boys

I start with unlacing the shoe so I can let them soak in hot water with a bit of Jason Markk in it. To get the Jason Markk working i prefer to shake the water and laces to ensure they really soak well. If you are done shaking them, set them a side and start focusing on your sneakers

Step 2 – Let the cleaning begin!

Start by adding some drops of the Jason Markk formula to the brush and dip it into the bowl of water. Shake a bit of the excess water off. You don’t want to soak your sneakers.

Step 3- Do some sole searching

Now start cleaning the shoe. I would advise to begin with the sole and clean by using a circular motion and mild pressure

Step 4 – Wipe em

After cleaning up the shoe, take a damp cloth and wipe you shoes off. Repeat with a dry cloth. Now let them dry! As you can see the shoe on the right looks cleaner but has some scuffs on it. No worries!

Step 5 – Give them a new look

Shoe cream will be your best friend to fix the scuffs. Tap you finger into this cream and start rubbing it over the scuff marks on your shoe. Let it dry and repeat if needed to cover up the scuffs.

Step 6 – good as new… sort of.. 

Lace the shoes up, use some protection spray and your done!


This all can be done in 15 to 20 minutes depending on the state of your shoes 😉 and is well worth it to keep them in great condition for years to come. To minimize the work for cleaning, especially with white kicks, make sure you wipe them with a damp cloth every week and try and remove big stains straight away.

Hope you find this small guide useful!






all photos courtesy of @koiztra