Introducing LOOW – Combining performance and style

All though I love Spring and Summer, I also love Fall and Winter as that time of the year allows me to layer up. For me knitwear is a staple to keep me looking stylish and warm during those colder days, and my go to fabric for that is Merino. Don’t get me wrong, I love cashmere… but if you are as clumsy as me you will destroy that in seconds. Merino wool is the ideal fabric for me as it doesn’t itch like regular wool, it helps with regulating heat and moisture and it’s amazingly durable.

And I am not alone for me love for Merino wool as Anders Lorentzen created a whole company based on Merion wool!


LOOW is a Danish based clothing brand that uses Merino wool to create every day staples that will give you the benefit of the Merino wool. And Anders Lorentzen definitely knows what is need from a performance level as he is a former Special Operations Forces operator (yes… while wearing LOOW, you do feel a bit like a Commando 😉 )

Anders founded LOOW in 2015 when he was looking for that perfect combination between a piece that supports performance and everyday style. Now three years later LOOW produces their range of Merino products in Ikast, Denmark to ensure the quality of production but also ensure a sustainable manufacturing process.

Besides being extremely comfortable, wearing Merino has a positive impact on the environment as Merino is also know for not developing odour quickly and therefor needs less washes. When you do wash your  LOOW items they can be handwashed and only need a small bit of washing detergent.

Looking at the design of LOOW you can tell LOOW focusses on creating products that are timeless, durable, versatile and doesn’t follow the latest fast-fashion trends. The same goes for their collection which consists out of your daily items:

  • Ultrathin Merino wool T-shirts
  • Warm Merino wool T-shirts
  • Merino wool boxers
  • Merino wool socks

The T-shirts comes in two weights, being 135 grams or 220 grams where they advise to opt for 220 grams when you are in need of a bit more warmth.

From a style perspective they got you covered with the staple colours Burgundy, Dark Navy etc and long sleeve, Crewneck or V-Neck if you like that.

My experience with LOOW

I was lucky enough to get two pieces gifted by LOOW and I opted for the 135 Gram O-neck T-shirt in the colour Oxblood (Burgundy) and a 220 Grams long sleeve in the colour Ocean (Navy).

The comfort of both the T-shirt and the long sleeve is just amazing. They both feel like a second skin and I am amazed at how warm they keep me for the thickness of the shirts. Comfort is one thing, but fit is super important if you want to rock them as a core piece. Also in that area LOOW ticks the boxes. It’s between slim fit and comfortable so not to snug and not to boxy.

Is there anything negative to say about LOOW? From my perspective not, however the price point of the T-shirts are in the upper range which could scare away potential buyers.

So, is LOOW worth their price? Yes, I would say! LOOW fits my personal believe, invest in quality that will last! Having been able to wear the pieces last two weeks I feel and see the craftsmanship that went in creating the products and the fabric is amazing.

So if you are looking for that mix between performance and style than be sure to give LOOW a visit and check their products out!

Thanks for reading

Cheers K!