My favorite brands 2019!

Hi all! Hope you have been enjoying the articles! As mentioned in my rebuilding your wardrobe tips and tricks article I would share with you my favorite brands that I either personally own or want to try in 2019. This list is far from prescriptive and pure for your inspiration. I split the list in tops, trousers and shoes to keep things easy!


Finding a good T-shirt, knit or sweater can be a pain in the ass and you have them in all price ranges. So here are some of my favorite brands:


This has been by far my go to brand in 2018 for high quality essentials. Transparent about the production and pricing and highly engaging with customers Asket has produced some exciting pieces. Personally, Asket is my go to for plain T-shirts. They got a light weight and a heavy weight version available in multiple colours. And what I like the best is that they have multiple sizes so finding a perfect fit won’t be hard! After enjoying their T-shirts I expanded my collection with a perfect dark navy merino knit and a white Oxford. What I really like about Asket is that they treat their collection like software. Always gathering feed back and updating it! If I would ever call myself a fan boy than I am for sure an Asket fan boy!


Did you know A.P.C. is more than 30 years old? How cool is that, being relevant and not hypebeast for so long!. APC like Asket creates simple, but well-made staple pieces. From Raw denim jeans (on my list to get one this year) to amazing sweaters. What I appreciate in APC is that you get value for your money. I thoroughly enjoy my striped T-shirt and Hiver87 sweater. Maybe not as transparent as Asket, but the quality of their products is just amazing and has that French chic touch. If you want that sophisticated feeling and stand out from the Hype beast crowd? Than be sure to give A.P.C. a go!

Comme des Garçons Play

What and iconic logo. If you are in to the Scandinavian clothing style than chances are high you have seen a few pieces from CDG on your Instagram. The hart logo gives that playfulness to your wardrobe to break that clean minimal aesthetics without screaming. And kudo’s to them for taking an already great shoe, the Converse Chuck and added that little “umpf” to make the shoe even more iconic. Definitely on the list to pick up a pair this year. All though I personally believe the price point is a bit high, you can’t deny the quality of their products. The long sleeve that I own keeps it shape and quality after multiple wears. Two things if you consider to buy CDG Play. The tee’s and long sleeves are small and slim so size up, and if you buy from a marketplace beware for copycats, the logo is easy to replicate on a 5 dollar shirt.

Blanc Essentials

Now Blanc is something different! And as a Dutch guy I can’t be prouder to say that this Dutch brand is on top of their game! I kid you not, from their thermo socks (perfect dark grey colour by the way), boxer briefs up to their sweater. The fit, the fabric, the price are all just top notch. I have yet to try it, but just take a look at their merino knit lounge suit :O gorgeous! The only downside with Blanc? The brand is young, so the collection is small at the moment. I would love for them to add some pieces in dark navy. Personal advice get the grey sweater, it’s amazing!

Les Deux

I recently added a hoodie from Les Deux to my rotation and oh my it’s comfy as hell while still looking classy. For me Les Deux is the perfect hybrid between classic staple minimal pieces and streetwear. Classy and sporty at the same time, or as they say themselves prep boy Ivy League meeting the unpretentious street fashions. I will definitely add some additional pieces this year!

Honourable mentions:

  • ACNE studios – I think everyone needs at least one ACNE piece
  • Hiro Clark – Minimal aesthetics with an attitude
  • AMI – I own a dark navy sweater and the fabric and construct is just amazing! Eyeing there hoodies!
  • Maison Kitsune – Who doesn’t know the fox of Kitsune or one of their iconic sweats? Definitely looking forward to add a piece to my collection this year.
  • Uniqlo – I love their T-shirts!
  • Son of a Tailor – Ordered a custom fit sweater and can’t wait for it to arrive.
  • A Day’s March – I have seen some knits on the feed that look mouth-watering


So, in the trousers department I only wear a few brands as I know they fit and have the right price quality ratio.


I wear suits from time to time due to work and Suitsupply is my go to for some staple items. The quality and price point are inline based on my experience and if taken care properly their pieces will last you a long time. I invest in the basics at Suitsupply, so dark navy, grey etc. For “statement” pieces I like to shop elsewhere. If you are looking for chino’s, suit pants, flannel’s they have it all!

Zara, Massimo Dutti and H&M

If I want something with a pattern or check I often go to one of these brands. You can get the latest greatest without breaking the bank and I’m surprised how the quality stacks up on the long run. Massimo Dutti I your best bet if you want the best quality, but you will see this reflected in their price as well. Be sure to check out their sales! Great pieces for a great price.

Diesel, Scotch and Soda

I have a love hate relationship with buying jeans. Especially with G-Star :S I can buy the same jeans in the same colour and still the fit is off ☹ That’s why I stick with golden oldies Diesel and Scotch & Soda. With their broad range of fits and colours I can find what I want. Most bang for your buck is Scotch and Soda for me as Diesel does have a tendency to be a bit more on the expensive side without really upping the quality.

Honourable mentions:

  • Asket – They just released a great looking Raw denim I want to try!
  • L’Estrange London – I have heard such great things about the 24 hours trousers and they look phenomenal that I just need to try them!
  • COS – They have an interesting range of trousers with a different fit that I normally wear, so might give them a go


Oh man… what can I say? As long as they are white I am happy

Common Projects

Now this brand deserves an article on it’s own, and I will surely write one in time. But if we talk about the holy grail of white minimal sneakers than the Common Projects Achilles low is the one. Clean minimal lines ensure a very cool look that works under jeans and suits. Downside, it’s price point since first hitting the market has sky rocketed and it’s debatable if 300 EURO plus is warranted. But being the proud owner of a grey and white pair, I can say the comfort is extremely high and the leather is great.

Artisan Lab

If you could careless about gold digits on your sneakers, then Artisan lab is one of the best if not the best alternative on the market. The Artisan sneakers rock a similar slim minimal look and  with their direct to consumer model, Artisan has been able to cut the price down significantly, making luxury sneakers available for everyone. The sneakers are made to order ensuring that no mass production takes place. Who doesn’t love a quality product for a fair price that isn’t mass produced!

Savour Select

Lovely lines, handmade prints on the inside shoe and a limited run of 100 pairs per design makes these sneakers instant exclusive! Besides a focus on merging quality looks with an attractive design Savour Select focuses on comfort as well ensuring a soft inlay. Something more brands should do! With Savour extending their collection I am planning on trying them out in 2019! And if you are interested to know more about Savour Select stay tuned as a Q&A with the founders will be coming to the blog soon! Oh and did I mention they are a Dutch based brand


Now I get the hype train around Common Projects, but do you all want to wear the same sneaker? I don’t and German based VOR bring that alternative you just need to try. Clean lines, minimal silhouette and high quality leather and colourways for days. Will looking for a more sporty white sneaker I found model 2A and haven’t looked back. What a gorgeous sneaker! Keep in mind the tend to fit snug so definitely size up!

Converse x Comme des Garçons Play

A collaboration match made in heaven. The already Iconic Converse with the iconic logo of CDG Play makes this an extremely cool take on the OG Converse. Like the Chuck 70’s this is the premium version of the Converse so expect a better construct and sturdier model. Do keep in mind that comfort isn’t high on the list of Converse. This sneaker is definitely high on my list to cop this year! Only decision I need to make, do I go off-white or black?

Honourable mentions

  • Maison Margiela – German army trainers from a next level
  • Oliver Cabell – Like Artisan, premium quality, great design, great price.
  • ETQ Amsterdam – Another Dutch brand on the list! I just love my pair low 1’s. Great quality and a bit bulkier design. If you are looking for a bit more edge in your kicks give them a look!
  • Vans – What can I say about this classic brand. Definitely going for some black ones this year!
  • CQP – Talking minimal lines and clean sneaker heaven


As said this is just some of the brands I like and wear and I am sure some of these where on your radar for sure! At the end of the day I do hope this gave you a bit of inspiration! And I am also very interested to hear suggestions from you! Which brand should I check out in 2019?

Cheers K

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    quando custa Savour Select?
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      Sorry buddy what is the question? 🙂