Scandinavian edition Jacket Review – Urban

Scandinavian edition Jacket Review – Urban

With fall setting in and the temperature slowly dropping it is time to get yourself ready for the winter. And one staple piece that can’t be missing from your wardrobe is a good winter coat. As well all know buying a quality winter coat can be a significant investment, so taking your time to carefully select your next purchase is advised.

Recently I was looking at a new winter coat next to my traditional Woolrich parka and I thought I share my review of my pick for this winter. A key criteria for me was a less bulky winter coat with a modern look. The Woolrich is nice and cozy but is huge :O and not exactly clean lines.

Luckily at that time, I was talking to the good people of Scandinavian edition and they had the answer to my problem!

Scandinavian edition

For those that don’t know Scandinavian edition, they were founded in 2010 by Eystein Cato Wang, and two close friends. Frustrated by the lack of good alternatives to the traditional coats they set out to make the perfect coats themselves.

To summarize their ethos

“We create comfortable products designed to fulfill a purpose and be used – every day. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of the product while still keeping it neutral and restrained – to leave room for the user’s self-expression and personal style ”

And if you look at their Men and Women collection you can truly see their ethos in their designs. Functional, clean and modern!

Scandinavian edition – Urban

As said, I wanted less bulky and I found what I was looking for in the Urban. The Urban is sleek and slim-fitting and looks more like a mac coat than a coat that will get you through the winter. But as you will see, that slim look doesn’t mean sacrificing on performance!

Keeping the logo’s at a minimum with a small patch on the sleeve, the Urban is a high-tech jacket without that outdoor look. Dare I say a minimalist dream? 🙂 Perfect for a walk in the countryside or your daily commute.

Technical specifications

The Urban comes with a detachable hooded liner, filled with 3M Thinsulate insulation is light, but still warm with the 170g insulation that combined with a 3-layer construction outer shell makes the Urban a versatile coat. The result is a good-looking coat that is 100% waterproof & windproof, breathable and depending on what you are wearing will keep you warm up to -10 degrees.


The Urban is a lightweight coat, so light I wondered if it would keep me warm, but filled with 3M Thinsulate insulation it comes closes to the warmth of my Woolrich parka. And if needed you can remove the internal liner in seconds.

Due to its light construction, it’s easy and comfortable to wear. Although the coat has a slim silhouette, I have the coat in size L, it has more than enough room to wear those wonderful knits you have bought and have been dying to wear.

Lengthwise it’s the ideal length for the winter if you ask me. Not too short or too long that it would restrict your movement. With the two-way zipper, it even gives you some added mobility if need.

The only small issue I have with the comfort is the zippers of the liner, which sometimes doesn’t stay in the outercoat fabric and you end up with a cold zipper in your face. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often.

Final Verdict

As you have read, there are a lot of positives about the coat, but does that justify the investment of 599 EUR? Short answer, yes.

The coat is a good investment, the materials used and the design of the coat ensure you’ll enjoy it for many falls and winters to come. I do understand it’s a hefty investment, but what you need to understand is that the coat is in the league of the likes of Arc’teryx and Woolrich. And from that perspective the Scandinavian Editon – Urban has a competitive price point.

So if you are looking for a coat that can compete with Arc’teryx and Woolrich, has a modern look, uses high-quality materials and is warm? Then I definitely recommend the Urban, it has replaced my Woolrich Parka as my go-to coat!

Last but not least I hope the review was helpful, but if you have any questions or doubts don’t hesitate and reach out!




  1. Sep 16.2020 / 9:35 pm / Reply

    Thanks for the review! I just completed my purchase of my Skandinavian Edition coat. I have been waiting several years and decided to take the plunge. Much better construction and material than Hugo Boss and others. My “deep-winter” coat is still Arc’teryx but is best used below 10 degrees F.

    Skandinavian Edition has the style and warmth at all other temperatures.