Q&A with G-Lab supreme weatherwear creators!

If you paid close attention to my feed you may have noticed me raving about a brand called G-Lab. G-lab creates something what they call supreme weatherwear. I would call it amazing kick-ass coats for women and men and I’m just in love with my Eclipse coat which I find to be the perfect Spring, Summer Fall coat. Clean looks while performing in all weather types!

Founder of G-lab is Björn Gericke, born in a family that made its name with functional gear, he believes that high quality design and uncompromising performance must not be mutually exclusive. Driven by that believe he created G-lab. And he is the perfect person to give us some insight to G-lab!

Q&A with G-Lab

Hi Björn, can you introduce us to G-lab and explain what triggered you to start g-lab?

g-lab outerwear fuses contemporary fashion aesthetic with innovative high-tech performance. Elaborate jackets and coats featuring technologically advanced fabrics for a luxe, effortless style that celebrates the elements: waterproof, windproof and breathable.

When we launched g-lab outerwear, no other jacket brand combined contemporary aesthetics with high-end performance. Having extensively worked in both industries, fashion and functional sportsgear, it really bothered me that I was not able to find outerwear that would make me look good and feel good in terms of its functionality at the same time. I was wearing something rather stylish but was not comfortable as soon as it got into some weather – all the outerwear that actually did perform was my sportswear with skiing jackets from Peak Performance or The North Face, sailing gear from Musto or my bike gear – which I would not want to wear in the urban environment. So it was basically a genuine development that I needed to go down that road and unified both worlds. I had to create g-lab jackets!

How would you describe the core of g-lab aesthetics?

Our aesthetics are always defined by contemporary fashion yet timeless design. The men’s collection is rather minimalist with clean, crisp cuts while women’s collection is presenting more femine, trend-oriented silhouettes.

Also, we believe in creating value through superior craftsmanship and quality. A g-lab jacket is not made for one season only – you „live in it“ for a long time … and when you decide for another style, you pass on the old one to someone you really like.

What do you find the most challenging while designing a piece that needs to deliver performance while keeping a modern aesthetic?

Bringing out the best of both worlds is our biggest challenge. If you look at high performance sportswear, you will find that truly functional materials or details are often stiff, thick, standing. We feature truly functional claims for our garments, too, and need to offer the same features but design would never allow for functional material qualities as available off the self.

A g-lab jacket is high performing but you would never guess so when you see or touch it. Therefore, we create our own fabrics, meaning we source fashion-oriented, often natural-fiber-based, fabrics and then add high-performance membranes and coating to make it g-lab: waterproof, windproof and breathable. As you can imagine, this sort of material development is really difficult and very often a fine line. The wool material, for example, took us more than 4 years in development. That’s a very long time in this industry but we have set ourselves the highest standards. The excellence of our products lies in linking our determination for performance with our passion for design & style. This means thinking outside of the box and work, work, work.

If you had to choose, design above performance or performance above design?

g-lab is all about the fusion of both worlds and it’s the strict combination of both propositions which is deeply  rooted in our DNA and makes a g-lab a g-lab.

What is the biggest inspiration behind  your collection?

It’s our life. Our collections are constantly inspired by our countless travels to the most vibrant and creative cities of this world. And whenever we don’t work, we go high on sports – biking, skiing, sailing define our leisure time when we get out of the city. Here we enjoy the functionality and high end performance of the respected garments. These experiences and findings are then fused with urban everyday challenges and translated into the next design. We created an own, unique DNA over the years which will be found in every one of our jackets.

Who is the g-lab man or women?

We design for us ánd our circle of friends, all living the busy and all-encompassing modern, urban lifestyle. Our idea is really to create pieces that can accompany you 24/7. We carefully design jackets and coats with a great versatility, trying to make them as perfect as possible for their wearer in every situation while making them look their part all along their days, from business meetings to shopping trips and playground coffees. In modern life, daily sections blend seamlessly – and so should the outerwear that accompanies its wearer. Many of our jackets are designed as a 2-in-1 concept, meaning you can take out the high performance, warm PrimaLoft ™ thermo lining, which makes it a jacket that actually covers all seasons of the year. So some of the styles are adjustable in their silhouettes or have detachable hoods, presenting a totally different look when they are taken off, and, and, and.

What can we expect from g-lab in the future?

We will keep on challenging the status quo and will, like in the past, define new product groups.  For spring/summer 20 we will, for example, broaden our spectrum and introduce a new „24/7 series“ which is based on an indoor-outdoor concept. Stay tuned!

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today

The rise of social media has supercharged the influence economy. While selling product through celebrity is nothing new, brands have recognised the power of influencers to create meaningful dialogue with their communities, particularly the all-important millennial generation. However, it remains to be challenged what really delivers authentic consumer engagement and ROI what is a waste of valuable marketing budget.

What do you use Instagram for?

Instagram is our key channel to tell our story, to deepen brand loyalty with existing customers and to start conversations with new ones.

How has Instagram impacted g-lab?

It gave us a whole new platform to present our brand which we could not have done as effectively on any other way.

What is your point of view on Influencer marketing?

When executed right, influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach new markets, deepen brand loyalty with existing customers and drive sales. However, identifying the right influencers and campaign messaging is key to stay authentic.

What would be your number one Instagram tip as a brand?

One should consider influencer marketing as an investment in diverse brand ambassadorship rather than transactional product endorsements.


I hope you all enjoyed the Q&A with Björn from G-lab and be sure to give @glab_offical a follow on Instagram to follow their journey! Any questions on the Eclipse coat? Let me know and I’ll be happy to share my experience. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like the article about one of men’s essentials the white t-shirt or a sweet and short grooming regime to keep your skin young forever 😉

Cheers K!


All photo’s courtesy of @Koiztra & @glab_offical