The 15 things we want to know from Hiro Clark

Want to keep things minimal but looking to add a little bit of playfulness to your wardrobe? Don’t look further! Meet at Hiro Clark This LA based brand is all about helping you keep things simple with quality tee’s and sweats and limited runs to showcase your rebel side.  Founder of Hiro Clark is Andy Salzer! And just like the brand’s focus, Andy doesn’t kid around and is straight to the point!

Q&A Hiro Clark

Andy, can you tell us what made you decide to start Hiro Clark?

I left NYC and took a trip to LA.  What was supposed to be a short trip ended up being more permanent.  And I needed t-shirts.

What is the biggest design influence for Hiro Clark?

Keep it easy.  Pick it up off your floor and go.

Hiro Clark is big on limited runs. What is the big driver behind this philosophy?

We don’t want to be everything to everyone.  Less is more in every way possible. And being in the moment is important.

If I could do one thing differently when we started Hiro Clark, I would:

Look into finding beachfront warehouse space!

A lot of people have the ambition to start a fashion brand, what would be your number one tip?

Focus on 1 thing.  And be the best at it.

What can we expect from Hiro Clark in 2019?

Navy Blue!

Men’s fashion should be (finish the sentence)


What is one item every man should have in his closet?

A perfect t-shirt.

What is the biggest fashion No no?

Overthinking it.

If you can give one key style tip, what would it be?

If you really like it, buy 5 of them.  The uniform is the answer.

What do you use Instagram for?


How has Instagram impacted Hiro Clark?

Hiro Clark wouldn’t be here without it.

What is your point of view on Influencer marketing?

Fans of the brand are your biggest advocates.  Get into it!

What would be your number one Instagram tip as a brand?

Check your DMs often. That’s where the good stuff goes down.

Name three Instagram accounts that inspire you:


I hope you enjoyed the straight to the point Q&A with Andy from Hiro Clark and be sure to give Hiro Clark a follow on Instagram for more inspiration. Our next guest in the series will be the “Tom Hardy” and multi talented Luke Martin a.k.a. Perpetualpaces

Cheers K!




Photos courtesy of @koiztra and Hiro Clark