The 15 things we want to know from @perpetualpaces

If you are into travel and menswear than you should definitely give @perpetualpaces a follow! The Jay-Z to his Beyonce @perpetualplaces, Luke is part of an Instagram crushing power couple. And they have been taking IG on a storm helping brands out with unique content! Luke has found a way to combine menswear and travel photography and give it that high fashion look. Nothing short of amazing and for me personally an inspiration, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reach out to Luke and hit him with 15 questions!

Q&A time

Luke, can you tell us what made you decide to start an Instagram account?

Hayley and I started travelling in January 2017 and wanted a place to put our travel photos. So, we created a shared IG account. About 6 months into travelling, we had conflicting ideas on what we wanted to post and Hay eventually created her own and I took full ownership of PerpetualPaces.

If you had to pick one photo on your feed you are the proudest of, which photo would it be and why?

This image was taken a couple months into our time travelling and was literally the first time I properly used a camera. This was shot with a zoom lens in a fort in India. Something about the image just really makes me smile and I remember how proud I was when I had taken it.

Since starting an Instagram can you share with us how Instagram has impacted you?

It has literally changed the way I think and the direction of my life. It has turned it upside down with the freedom of creativity and has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t ever imagined if I didn’t start my IG account.

What are your ambitions for your Instagram account in 2019?

I am actually planning to step away slightly from Instagram and focus more on my photography skills. Instagram will be there and I will still post regularly, however, I really want to focus on improving my photography and videography skills.

If you had to give one tip on Instagram, what would it be?

Personality is key!
People want to know what you’re up to when they know who you are and what you’re about.

What has sparked your interest in men’s fashion?

Always been an advocate of men’s fashion every since listing to Johnny Cash 15 years ago. However, in recent years I have actually started exercising my interesting in men’s fashion a lot more and still have so much more to explore!

On your journey of developing your personal style, who have been major style influencers?

Johnny Cash was my main man.

Then I started looking at guys like A.J. Living Stone and Ouija Theodore.

Leon Bridges plays a big role! Now the list is endless.

Has Instagram influence your own personal style?

Yes and No. Following some guys on IG that I discovered out of social media has influenced my style.

What would you describe as your go-to outfit?

Oversized / wide leg trousers – Dickies normally – plain black or white t-shirt, denim workwear jacket and probably Dr. Martens or Converse…

What is one item every man should have in his closet?

Rings! And more than one!

If you can give on style tip, what would it be?

Comfort is King. Not talking tracksuit bottoms but find a fit that you’re comfortable with and that is functional on a daily. Then test it, play with it.

Which brands should we check out and why?

Knickerbocker – These guys got me into fashion, I’ve followed them for too long now and I still go back to them as one of my main inspo.

Basic Rights – Simple but classic.

What has been your best and worst fashion purchase?

Best – Dr. Martens all the way!

Worst – Skinny jeans about 8 years ago… I’ve never worn them since.

Is there one dream wardrobe pieces you still need to get your hands on?

Anything from Scott Fraser Collection–

Name three Instagram accounts that inspire you and tell us why?

1 – Jordan Bunker

His creativity in my eyes is second to none.

2 – @Milad_abedi

His eye for fashion and photography makes me want to excel in both.

3 – @1924us

Too much to say about these guys, the photography, the design, the authenticity. Their work makes me want to travel and push my creative side.


I hope you enjoyed the Q&A with Luke and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram for more inspiration. Our next guest in the series will be a special one as we will be hitting Mathias Jensen, Creative Director of Les Deux with 15 questions about design and the new Les Deux collection!

Cheers K!




all photos courtesy of @perpetualpaces