The 15 things we want to know from @Thibtkllehr

If you think fashion on Instagram I personally think lifestyle shots and flat lay’s. And one of the first accounts I started following on Instagram was the account of @thibtkllehr. If you don’t know who Thibaut is you having been hiding under a rock because he is Mr. flat lay if you ask me So without further ado let’s hit Thibaut with 15 questions!

Q&A time

Thibaut, can you tell us what made you decide to start an Instagram account?

I created my first Instagram page just because it was something new back then and I wanted to see what it was all about. When I discovered the world of fashion on Instagram I started my own journey. Because who doesn’t want a cool Instagram page with lots of followers, right? So you can pretty much say I was ’influenced’ to start my own page!

If you had to pick one photo on your feed you are the proudest of, which photo would it be and why?

This one, simply because of the fact that it almost has 3000 likes. Haha!

Since starting an Instagram can you share with us how Instagram has impacted you?

Right after I started sharing my pictures on Instagram, I began to gain a few followers and within those followers I found some of the same like minded people as I am. Quickly I became friends with people I shared the same passion with, these people I wouldn’t had met if I didn’t start my Instagram. I am happy to be part of a community that inspires me to always to better and to find new exciting styles. So I wouldn’t say that Instagram really changed life but I learned a lot from it and got some new cool friends and a lot inspiration out of it!

What are your ambitions for your Instagram account in 2019?

I honestly want to change my content a little bit and not only focus on flatlays anymore. So that might be something you are going to notice in the future. It will be still all based around outfits but just not all flatlay anymore. We’ll see what time brings.

If you had to give one tip on Instagram, what would it be?

Be you, do you and be consistent!

What has sparked your interest in men’s fashion?

I always had a thing for men’s fashion, but Instagram and Youtube had a huge impact on my interest in fashion and  on how I discovered my own style!

On your journey of developing your personal style, who have been major style influencers?

Big IG influencers like Kosta Williams, Magic Fox, Rowan Row, Street and Gentle, Ali Gordon, The pacman and many more were the first influencers I followed because I really liked their style.

Has Instagram influence your own personal style?

Absolutely, I have met a lot of great influencers and found a lot of great brands that inspired me and taught me new things!

What would you describe as your go-to outfit?

Navy trousers, grey sweater and white sneakers

What is one item every man should have in his closet?

I can’t help myself but I have to give two, white sneakers and a good fitting pair of black denim.

If you can give on style tip, what would it be?

Keep it classic, simple and minimal.

Which brands should we check out and why?

To name a few: Asket, A day’s march, Unrecorded, Isto, Les deux copenhagen. These are all brands worth checking out for the same reasons: transparency, use of quality materials and craftmanship!

What has been your best and worst fashion purchase?

Best purchase has to be my white Achilles sneakers by Common Projects. Worst: I once bought swim shorts with Zebra’s and Giraffe’s on it!

Is there one dream wardrobe pieces you still need to get your hands on?

I would love to get me a Comme Des Garcons Play striped longlseeve Tshirt and a pair of white Bball sneakers by Common Projects

Name three Instagram accounts that inspire you and tell us why?


1 – Dimitris Kolonas

He inspired me back when he did his flatlay content, but he still inspires me now he has changed his account into a more clean versatile menswear page with all types of fashion content

2 – Cantimagineit

Always delivers great content. I really love all of his outfits and he always seem to find the best shooting spots. And of course the fact that he is such a nice and always happy guy is a big plus, really been enjoying his content for a long time now!

3 – wouterkaan

No introduction needed, just look at his feed! Always the right pieces combined and absolutely love all the brightness in his shots


I hope you enjoyed the Q&A with Thibaut and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram for more inspiration. Our next guest in the series will be Andy Salzer the owner of up and coming lifestyle brand Hiro Clark

Cheers K!




all photos courtesy of Thibaut