The art of relaxing , an introduction to Kin Objects

It’s stating the obvious, but 2020 has been a crazy year so far. I can’t believe it’s already September and I have no clue where the time has gone too. The last few months have been a weird mix of unique moments (spending so much time with the family) but also stressful moments (work has been hectic).

Now I must admit this wasn’t a conscious choice at first, but for me, these crazy times have helped to reflect upon things in my life and one thing that definitely is something that stands out is that I need to take better care of myself. This goes as far as doing a course on personal development, taking first steps back into working out a lot up to finding new ways of relaxation.

Something I definitely enjoy and calms and relaxes me is burning incense, I just love the subtle smell it gives to a space. Just smelling incense is a few stress notches down for me. So how cool is it that you can combine a love for aesthetically pleasing design with something to destress? Say hello to Kin Objects!

Kin Objects

Kin Objects is the re-interpretation of the unique quirks of traditional Chinese culture for the modern lifestyle by Miranda and Bill. Having had their fair share of experiencing Western and Eastern culture and fitting in and not fitting in they created Kin to bring the dualities of cultures, backgrounds, and diversity together in design that celebrates uniqueness and their culture.

This drive has translated itself into a range of beautifully designed incense burners. Kin Objectes their ranges consists out of a selection of stick incense burners and backflow burners. If you want to see some real magic, I highly recommend checking out their backflow burners, there are some unique designs! Personally I had the opportunity to test one of both ranges.

QI incense burner

QI quite simply is the Chinese name for incense burner, but at the same time, it means to compliment and bond. Kin Objects has translated that in the design of the QI burner by creating a brass holder with a concrete top which in my opinion just makes for a stunning minimal design. Its subtleness in design makes it a great piece for any living space, but The QI has now found its way in too our living room

Valley of fog backflow incense burner

If you truly want to see something spectacular while enjoying the relaxing scent of incense than Kin Objects their backflow burners are for you. The Valley of fog represents quite literally a valley and as you can see slowly fills itself with fog created by burning the backflow incense. I have it up in my office and just can’t take my eyes off it when it’s on, it’s just something that is almost magical.

Stepping up your relaxation game!

What can I say, the pictures say it all, if you are looking for a well-designed and unique burners Kinbojects is the place to definitely take a look! If you ­­­

I hope you all enjoyed the article on Kin Objects and be sure to give @kinobjects  a follow on Instagram to stay tuned for new releases or check out their site for their range of burners but also a lot of information on the background of incense!

Cheers Kars

All photo’s courtesy of @Koiztra & Kin Objects