Top 15 best white sneakers for 2019 for every budget!

The white sneaker, a wardrobe essential if you ask me. From bright to neutral tones, shorts up to suits, whatever the occasion, a pair of white sneakers will fit in. And every self-respecting brand that has a shoe line will offer a version of the white sneaker. So if the white sneaker is so easy to get, why this list?

Well to be honest, the majority of the white sneakers are just crap… Poor quality, hyped.. you name it. The goal of this list is to help you find the best white sneaker in it’s price range.

Just to be clear, I know this list is far from complete. There are many more brands, designs than I can list (do leave your suggestions in the comments!). This list focusses on the “best” minimal white sneakers in their respective price range and in my opinion. Also if possible I will always opt for a good leather sneaker instead of canvas due to it’s durability. That being said let’s jump in the top 15!

The  < € 100 options

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star – € 65

Adidas Stan Smith – € 79

Veja Esplar White – € 99

The below € 100 range has a lot of choice. From Superga to version from Zara up to Selected Homme. If you are like me and find it important to have Margom Soles, stitched and cemented kicks than this is not your range to look in!

The cleanest design in my opinion is the Converse. Great way to test if minimal sneaker design is something for you. The Stan Smiths are a bit chunkier and quality can go all over the place. The Veja is an interesting option, especially if you consider these are Vegan! But beware, the Esplar doesn’t come in full white.

If you can keep your wallet closed for a bit more weeks to save, wait to buy because some excellent options will only cost you a few more bucks!

The  < € 200 options

Suitsupply White sneakers – € 129

Artisan Lab Essential White – € 135

Garment Project Type – € 150

Oliver Cabell Low 1 – € 158

Axel Arigato Clean 90 – € 180

With a price increase we are seeing an increase of quality! Brands like Artisan-Lab and Oliver Cabell with their direct to consumer model make margom soles, stitched and cemented sneakers obtainable.

These are the best choice from this list! Artisan-Lab has that slim Common Projects feel to it and Oliver Cabell Low has a totally own identity with a bit more round forms. Both kicks with proper care will last you a long time!

The  < € 300 options

Koio Capri Triple White – € 221

ETQ Low Top 1 – € 235

Common Projects Achilles low – ~€ 260

ZESPÀ ZSP4  – € 265

The majority of sneakers you’ll find in the € 200 – € 300 range will have the good traits you are looking for. The right construction methods, premium Italian leather and margom soles. From a design perspective you will have your KOIO sneaker as a more expensive version of the Artisans or a cheaper version of Common projects if you will 😉 They all rock a similar slim look. The ZESPÀ like the Oliver Cabell show a similar design, and colours but with a price difference.

So what’s the best option? It comes down to personal preference, but I would either go for the ETQ Low top 1 or ZESPÀ ZSP4 due to their own design style and not mimicking Common projects. If you want that Common Project design I find it hard to justify purchasing KOIO’s if you can get second hand Common Projects! In this price rang it isn’t hard to find a pair on marketplaces like Grailed / Depop.

Now second hand you may think, hell no! Well you would be surprised how many people purchase a pair of € 340 worth sneakers, in the wrong size, and forgot to send them back or have worn them twice and want to sell them. I personally bought a blush and grey pair brand new for below € 250.

The  + € 300 options

Common Projects Achilles Low – € 340

VOR 1A Nebelweiss  – € 345

Saint Laurent Court Classic  – € 425

One could ask himself, is any sneaker worth € 300 or more? And it’s a valid question, because this is also the realm of overpriced over hyped sneakers which aren’t necessarily better than the sneaker options mentioned before. (I found minimal sneaker for € 500 plus :O Looking at you Tom Ford…)

From this range the Common Projects are the Holy Grail of white minimal sneakers. Now these are the real deal, buttery soft leather (after breaking in) great construction and that margom sole. That being said I would say if you want to buy them be sensible, get them on Depop or Grailed new out of the box but cheaper than retail…

From this €300 price range I would say there is only one that I think is worth it’s price tag and that are the VOR 1A’s. Not just because of the quality. From a quality perspective they are the same as Common Projects. They are amazing, but… VOR only come in limited runs and regularly discontinue models. So besides their truly own approach to the minimal sneaker design, you are ensured that it’s highly unlikely you’ll bump in to someone with a similar pair. If It weren’t for the limited numbers, I also would say try to get them on sale.

The Saint Laurent’s are only on the list as I really dig the design, but come on… who the hell want’s a white sneaker that is € 425 without any noticeable (or at least I couldn’t find and see them) difference than the €200 – € 300 range.


I hope the list will give you some guidance on your search to find that perfect white sneaker! If there is a sneaker you think I should add because it fits the quality criteria, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

If you where to ask me what would be my top 5 from this list I would say

  1. Common Projects Achilles Low
  3. VOR 1A
  4. Artisan Lab Essentials white
  5. Oliver Cabell Low 1

Interested to know what would be your top 5! Let me know down in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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